Rock Shreller


About Album

Rock Shreller crosses multiple genres while maintaining the band’s electronic roots.


Scott Heller and Jesse Maddox met at a music and arts event/movement at Brownstone Studio in Bangkok, Thailand. It was after many manic hours of discussion and banter on their tastes of music that they decided it would be a good idea to work on something together with the primary idea of ‘fat beats’ being the driving focus. They began writing together which quickly lead to the formation of the electronic group, Rock Shreller.


Being influenced by live rock performances and collaborating with other talented artists, Rock Shreller’s sound is always evolving. What started as a goal to make fat beats became a new passion for creating music.


Rock Shreller is a blend of organic and synthetic sound that creates a live experience.


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Artist: Rock Shreller

Release Date: May 20, 2016